AMH Products

AMH Store Manager is a simple, affordable and powerful solution for retail and internet stores. The single integrated inventory control system allows you to manage your physical and your virtual store in a simple consistent fashion.

Well suited for small to medium size companies, AMH Store Manager applications suite consists of two products: AMH Cloud POS and AMH e-Store that integrates seamlessly. Each product can be used autonomously or simultaneously with each other according to your current business need.


1. AMH Cloud POS

AMH Cloud POS software turns any standard PC or Tablet into a powerful cash register with an integrated inventory management and customer management systems.

In addition to all the standard features a POS system offers, AMH cloud POS features an innovative web-based architecture that allows you to remotely manage you inventory, view sales reports, check on status, make configuration changes and perform maintenance from anywhere in the world.

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2. AMH E-store

AMH E-store Is an E-commerce solution that uses the same inventory management as AMH Cloud POS. Your internet store can be up an running in a matter of hours not weeks because the data that you enter once in the inventory system is used by both applications.