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Why choose AMH Cloud POS?

Easy to use, easy to maintain, easy on your wallet

Web-Based Architecture

Gives you many advantages over native solutions. It is always up-to-date. You can sell anywhere not limited to your store, as in tradeshows and special events. You can have instantaneous access to your vital business information from anywhere. Most importantly, you no longer have to worry about maintenance of you server and the safety of your data. We back up your data on a daily basis. All you need is internet access…more

Hardware Independent

The POS runs inside your browser therefore it will run on practically any PC, tablet  or even a smart phone. You have a large set of options to choose from according to your space requirements, screen size and budget. No proprietary hardware that limits your capability to update your computers as technology gets faster, cheaper and more reliable…more

Excellent cost of ownership

Pay only for what you need. You don't have to pay for a native solution and you can stop the service anytime. You can add additional POS terminals or open new stores in minutes…more

Multiple Interfaces

You have the choice of entering receipt items in different ways: you can enter in the search field the scanned barcode or type in the product name. This interface is optimal if you have large number of items. Alternatively, you can arrange items in categories then you can select categegories and items by touching the corresponding button. This interface is more suited for a small number of items or services. You can switch back and forth between the two interfaces according to item types…more

E-commerce Integration

AMH Cloud POS integrates seamlessly with AMH-eStore product. Your online store and your physical stores operate from the same inventory. No synchronizing of data is required or there no need to update information in two separate places…more

Scalable according to your needs

When time comes to expand your business or if you already have multiple stores, AMH Cloud POS is multi-store ready. No additional training is required and there is no need to replicate products information in each store. All functions are already optimized to handle single or several stores simultaneously. You can selectively run reports on a per-store basis or cumulative…more


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