POS Showcase


The Wine Connection

As the owner of The Wine Connection in San Diego California, I am faced with the fact that my inventory doubles every year. It is impossible for me to keep track of every bottle's vintage and characteristics in my head from year to year. I have over 2000 different wines in my store..."

It realized that automation was the way to go and AMH helped me address my ever growing inventory issue. In addition, AMH Cloud POS provided me with additional  benefits I had not foreseen.

  • I am optimizing my inventory volume according to my business needs.
  • The quality of my customer service has  improved. I can check product availability on the spot. I have access to my customer's purchase history, allowing me to quickly recommend wines according to their individual preference.
  • I can generate reports that show me sales trends which in turn help me anticipate demand and plan accordingly.
  • I optimize my promotional campaigns based on my backlog reports.
  • I am able to work from home and process all my administrative needs in the comfort of my living room.
  • I saved money by not having to purchase an additional computer to run AMH Cloud POS. I am using the same computer to both run the POS and surf the internet for various wine related information.

My online store

After entering all my product information in the system, I immediately proceeded to launch my online store (thewineconnection.com). By using AMH eStore, my online store was up in less than week.

The unique web-centric design of AMH product suite made the process a lot easier. I don't have to maintain two inventories: one for my physical store and another one for my online store. Now when I enter a new product in the inventory, it is immediately listed on my online store.

I can't imagne how I ran my business without AMH POS, now I can't breathe with out it 

Waters Fine Foods and Catering

The largest food catering service in San Diego was looking for an easy to use POS system to deploy in their retail stores. The system had to be easy use and easy to learn . The stores are located all over the city. The checkout processing time had to be minimal to handle rush hour sales. In addition, immediate access to all the stores was needed in order to optimize their food retail operation. Finally, the system had to read custom barcode labels generated by the food scales at the stores.


The operator can enter items in the POS with three different methods:

  • Scan the barcode of retail products (Olive Oil, Cajun Peanut...).
  • Scan the barcode generated by the weight scales.
  • Enter various items by touching the buttons on the screen.

AMH Cloud POS delivered on all accounts. In addition, since the POS is web-based, Waters central office can access the POS remotely modify, add or subtract products as needed. It gave them the flexibility of changing the menu and prices on demand.

In this highly competitive food service business, aside from taste, flexability and efficiency are the secret ingredients 

IMDDE Perfumes


I run a successful perfume and beauty product business, says Alan, the owner of IMDDE Perfumes. It all started with one store using a cash register. By moving to AMH POS, I was able to run my operation efficiently which in turn permitted me to expand with confidence. I duplicated the same model in three additional stores. Each store ran AMH POS with its own separate inventory. This formula worked perfectly well for me..

While each store was individually optimized, the overall operation complexity increased with each additional store.

  • Whenever a product was added, the information had to be entered in each separate store.
  • The transfer of items from one store to another could only be accomplished by selling the items at cost to the other store.
  • Reports were generated on a per store basis. Accounting had to consolidate them for a cumulative view.

It became apparent that I needed a multi-store version without retraining my staff. I moved to AMH Cloud POS and deployed it in all stores.

  • The operation became centralized and the administration cost was greatly reduced.
  • Products are added once for all stores.
  • Prices can be different in a different store.
  • Reports can be per store and cumulative.
  • Product receiving and inter-store transfer became a breeze.
  • With instantaneous view of the inventory in all stores, purchasing became consolidated and easier to manage.
Whenever I used to open a new store, my overhead used to double. Now, by consolidating the adminitration, purchasing, accounting, my overhead is only incremental.