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10 easy resolutions to live your best home life this year

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Jan 23, 2023

As the calendar turns from one year to the next, you might take some time to reflect on all you’ve accomplished. But, since humans tend to be forward-thinking, that reflection may quickly turn to planning, often in the form of New Year’s resolutions.


For many people, though, sticking to resolutions are a tricky challenge. They sound good in theory, but actually practicing them doesn’t always work out. That ends this year! At AMH, we’ve got you covered with 10 easy-to-keep resolutions that aren’t a drag to keep up with: 


I will make my bed every morning.


Many resolutions quickly fall apart because they’re not measurable or realistic. Making your bed every morning is simple to keep track of and easy to do, so it’s a perfect resolution to maintain for months to come.


Unless you have a cavernous bedroom with an oddly shaped bed, this task should only take a few minutes. When you’re done, you’ll have already accomplished something for the day. Plus, an uncluttered bedroom boosts productivity and reduces stress levels: not a bad way to start the morning!


I will not let dishes stack up.


One of the biggest downfalls to resolutions around keeping things clean or organized is letting messes pile up. This is true with clothes, toys, and, perhaps the worst offender, dirty dishes.


A rogue toy train in the living room might cause you to roll an ankle, but a stack of dirty dishes and plates is like an entire depot of germs and bacteria. Similarly, if you store food incorrectly in your refrigerator and pantry or let it sit well past the best-by date, you could introduce bugs and mold into your home.


Skip the forthcoming horror movie and wash your dishes after use or put them in the dishwasher. Go through your pantry and fridge and toss those old items that have been sitting there for months.


I will compost my kitchen scraps.


Composting is a big step towards a more sustainable environment, and using leftover food scraps is one of the easiest ways to do it. When you compost, you help keep trash out of landfills and improve the soil quality for your plants by adding helpful nutrients and bacteria. You’ll also save on gardening costs.


Not sure where to start? Here are the things you can compost and how to create a compost bin within your house, no matter how much or little room you have.


I will replace my air filters each quarter.


Your home’s air filters help make the air you breathe clean and safe. They also let your HVAC system run more smoothly, lowering energy costs. They’re typically easy to replace, though you should know the proper measurements for your home’s air return duct before buying new ones.


Once you know the measurements, it’s simply a matter of having fresh air filters on-hand to replace the dirty ones. You’ll need to replace most air filters quarterly, though depending on the size and quality, they may require more or less frequent changes. After putting in a clean filter, take a deep breath and enjoy that fresh air!


I will try one new DIY project.


Does hearing “do it yourself” cause you to start sweating and pacing uncontrollably? Some DIY adventures do prove to be quite costly and time-consuming, but you can often do one in a few hours or less over the weekend.


One easy project is turning your old desk or dresser drawers into planters. Or make a decorative blanket ladder using wooden dowel rods. Check out a few of our other favorite DIY projects here.


I will know when NOT to DIY.


DIY projects can get your creative juices flowing and lead to improvements around the house. However, some jobs are better left to professionals, despite games like Animal Crossing hinting that it’s easy to do things like pluck weeds or eliminate cockroaches without any assistance.


For example, trying to trim a tree or get rid of a pest infestation requires professional knowledge and equipment. More advanced jobs that require climbing or balancing precariously, such as sweeping a chimney or cleaning out the gutters, also fall under the “leave it to a professional” list.


I will make one homemade cleaning solution.


Even if chemistry wasn’t your favorite class in school, creating a homemade solution is rewarding. Many commercial cleaners have ingredients that could harm you or the environment and are often more costly than the homemade version.


That’s because you can usually combine two things into a powerful cleaner. For example, baking soda and vinegar can remove gunk from nearly any surface, and tossing a lemon ice cube down your garbage disposal can make it function more smoothly.


I will look out for my pets when having guests over.


As winter turns into spring and summer, your pets will start getting outside more. While stretching their legs is good for their overall well-being, they’ll also be more likely to pick up something harmful from outside.


In larger gatherings, pets can sneak off and get into mischief. There’s a higher potential for them to pick up chocolate or ingest common barbecue foods like small wing or rib bones, corn on the cob, grapes, garlic, and onions. They could also start exploring and nibbling at plants and flowers, which may contain harmful poisons.


Sure, all this could happen when nobody but you is at the house. However, you’re more in control in those situations and can immediately take action. When hosting a gathering, though, keep pets safely in a gated play area or cozily settled in another room.


I will reduce my heating costs.


Winter often brings frigid temperatures, causing you to crank up the thermostat. That will keep you warm, but it also might leave you with a shocking energy bill at the end of each month.


Luckily, there are plenty of methods for staying toasty while lowering your energy costs. Turning your thermostats off while you’re out of the house, opening shades to let sunlight fill a room, and adding wool or shag rugs to rooms are all easy ways to bring in the warmth.


Worst case scenario: bundle up in a heavy jacket. Just make sure it’s one where you can still put your arms down.


I will do one calming thing every night.


If you struggle to fall asleep after your head hits your pillow, your nighttime routine could be a factor. Our bodies have a natural rhythm, and disrupting it can throw off your sleep schedule.


It’s unrealistic to go to bed at the same time every single night, though you can certainly aim for that. A more achievable goal is to do one consistent calming action every night before you get into bed. That could look like sipping caffeine-free tea while reading a book. Or maybe it’s performing five minutes of light stretches. Whatever you decide, doing it consistently before bed can help your mind and body prepare for a quality night of sleep.


Say goodbye to abandoning your New Year resolutions before Valentine’s Day. Stick with these easy-to-accomplish ones to set yourself up for success this year.

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