Licenses by State


State License: LC645103000

Broker of Record: Jeremy Figgins

Broker’s License: BR551439000


State License: * 01908688

Broker of Record: Jason Neiss

Broker’s License: 01922401


State License: EC.100048705

Broker of Record: Lisa Krier

Broker’s License: ER.040024786


State License (Tampa): CQ1043159 & CQ1065460

State License (Jacksonville): BO2034347

State License (Orlando): BO2034346 & CAB5869

Broker of Record: Amanda Liptak

Broker’s License: BK3276116


State License: 64996 & 79540

Broker of Record: Kenya Johnson & Brandi Donaldson

Broker’s License: 371862 & 416311


State License: 481011920

Broker of Record: Erin Bernau

Broker’s License: 471020215


State License: RC52300005 & RC52200174

Broker of Record: Chad Kyle & Scott Lindemann

Broker’s License: RB19001509 & RB21002299


State License: 239200

Broker of Record: Matt Frawley

Broker’s License: 221252


State License: 22174

Broker of Record: Ashley Edens

Broker’s License: 23559


State License:

Broker of Record: Rachel West

Broker’s License: B.0146398.LLC

New Mexico

State License: 08600

Broker of Record: Chris Smith

Broker’s License: 18953

North Carolina

State License: C24514 & C35143

Broker of Record: Brandi Donaldson, Lisa Hundley, Mohammed Ali & Angela Morgan

Broker’s License: 250079, 216457, 311921 & 196922


State License: REC.2013001234

Broker of Record: Matt Frawley

Broker’s License: BRKP.2003021379

South Carolina

State License (Greensboro): 22760

State License (N Charleston): 19718

State License: 25841

Broker of Record: Lisa Hundley

Broker’s License: 112264


State License: 262153 & 265617

Broker of Record: Michael Bullington

Broker’s License: 310561


State License: 9001579

Broker of Record: Justin Jordan

Broker’s License: 496146


State License: 8693327-CN00

Broker of Record: Lincoln Palmer

Broker’s License: 5495553-PB00


State License: 19116

Broker of Record: Taylor Burt

Broker’s License: 27260


State License: 937288-91

Broker of Record: Scott Lindemann

Broker’s License: 58586-90

*Registered as Silver State Brokerage, Inc. in California.

This Licensing information was effective as of January 2023. For updated licensing information, contact our regional offices or your state’s Real Estate Division.

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