Licenses by State


State License: LC645103000

Broker of Record: Jeremy Figgins

Broker’s License: BR551439000


State License: EC.100048705

Broker of Record: Lisa Krier

Broker’s License: ER.040024786


State License (Tampa): CQ1043159

State License (Jacksonville): BO2034347

State License (Orlando): BO2034346 & CAB5869

Broker of Record: Amanda Liptak

Broker’s License: BK3276116


State License: 64996 & 79540

Broker of Record: Kenya Johnson & Brandi Donaldson

Broker’s License: 371862 & 416311


State License: 481011920

Broker of Record: Erin Bernau

Broker’s License: 471020215


State License: RC52300005

Broker of Record: Erin Hutcherson

Broker’s License: RB16001526


State License: 239200

Broker of Record: Matt Frawley

Broker’s License: 221252


State License: 22174

Broker of Record: Ashley Edens

Broker’s License: 23559


State License:

Broker of Record: Rachel West

Broker’s License: B.0146398.LLC

New Mexico

State License: 08600

Broker of Record: Chris Smith

Broker’s License: 18953

North Carolina

State License: C24514 & C35143

Broker of Record: Brandi Donaldson, Lisa Hundley, Mohammed Ali, Tara Marshall

Broker’s License: 250079, 216457, 311921, 278999


State License: REC.2013001234

Broker of Record: Matt Frawley

Broker’s License: BRKP.2003021379

South Carolina

State License (Greensboro): 22760

State License (N Charleston): 19718

State License: 25841

Broker of Record: Lisa Hundley

Broker’s License: 112264


State License: 262153

Broker of Record: Michael Bullington

Broker’s License: 310561


State License: 9001579

Broker of Record: Justin Jordan

Broker’s License: 496146


State License: 8693327-CN00

Broker of Record: Jeremy Figgins

Broker’s License: 12883506-PB00


State License: 19116

Broker of Record: Taylor Burt

Broker’s License: 27260


State License: 937288-91

Broker of Record: Scott Lindemann

Broker’s License: 58586-90

This Licensing information was effective as of April 2024. For updated licensing information, contact our regional offices or your state’s Real Estate Division.

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