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How to clean your bathroom like a pro

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Feb 9, 2022

Cleaning your bathroom is an important part of staying healthy. Not only that, a sparkling space where you start and end your day can also boost your emotional well-being. Find out exactly why you should make a habit out of cleaning your bathroom, then check out our top tips to make it truly shine without too much extra effort.

Why it’s important to regularly clean your bathroom

The main reason it’s so crucial to stay on top of your bathroom is hygiene. Viruses, bacteria, yeast, mold, staph, and coliform are all common germs that can grow in home bathrooms and impact your health. And those germs aren’t limited to the toilet — they easily travel to other surfaces, including sinks, faucet and door handles, and toothbrush holders. Mold spores can also get in the air, causing breathing issues like congestion and itching on your skin or eyes. These reactions can be even more severe in people who are prone to allergies.  


Not only is a clean bathroom linked to your physical well-being, it can also help your mental health. The process of cleaning can actually cause your body to release endorphins, which reduce stress and anxiety. And the scents associated with cleaning products, like pine and peppermint, are also known to be mood-elevators. 

How often should you clean your bathroom?

Follow this checklist each month to stay on top of your bathroom incrementally, rather than waiting to do everything in a single, long cleaning spree.


Daily tasks


Your bathroom doesn’t need a deep clean every day. These simple tasks will help to consistently reduce germs and moisture. Plus, you’ll enjoy a much easier process when it’s time to do your weekly and monthly tasks.


Clear off surfaces: Put away anything that’s been left out, like brushes, razors, or toothbrushes.

Pick up dirty laundry: Keep the floor clean by tossing laundry in the hamper.

Air out floor mat: Prevent mold from growing on a damp rug or mat by hanging it over the bathtub or shower door to dry out.

Wipe down sink: Quickly wipe down the sink and faucet handles to keep germs from multiplying.

Wipe down toilet seat: With a fresh wipe or rag, wipe down the toilet seat as well.

Empty trash can: Keep your trash manageable by emptying out your trash bin daily — it’s better than waiting until it overflows.


Weekly tasks


Designate a specific day of the week to tackle these weekly chores. They’ll go by much faster when you’ve kept up with your daily tasks as well.


Scrub the toilet: Wipe down both the inside and outside of your toilet bowl.

Clean the bathtub and/or shower: Scrub down your tub and shower to prevent water stains and mold growth.

Wipe the mirror: A quick spray and wiping with paper towels gets all of that toothpaste and other grime off your mirror.

Clean the floors: Sweep or vacuum, followed by mopping. Be sure your cleaner reaches the grout line to keep it looking fresh.

Clear out drains: Remove any hair that’s stuck in the sink or bath. Pour some vinegar down the drains to prevent clogging.


Monthly tasks


Here are your monthly bathroom cleaning tasks for a truly deep clean. 


Clean behind the toilet: Be sure to vacuum and wipe the pipes behind your toilet. Doing this regularly also helps you identify any early drips or leaks that may occur.

Wash and spray trash can: After dumping your trash this week, wash out the bin and spray it with a disinfectant.

Clean bathroom fan: Either vacuum dust off the grill or use a microfiber cloth. If the grill is removable, you can even take it out and soak it in soapy water to remove dirt and mildew.

Scrub grout. Grab a grout brush and scrub down any grout lines on the floor or in the shower area.

Check your bathroom supplies: See if you need any replacements on soap, shampoo, lotion, vitamins, prescriptions, and anything else you regularly use in your bathroom. Throw out or recycle old bottles and add the items you need to your shopping list.


Tips for cleaning your bathroom like a pro

Follow these tips to make your bathroom chores quick, easy, and effective.


#1: Gather the right supplies

Cleaning your bathroom is a lot easier and faster when you have the right supplies at hand. Here are the basics to have available for your daily and weekly tasks. 


Multiple cleaning cloths or disinfectant wipes: Have a stack ready to use so you don’t cross-contaminate areas, like your toilet and your sink.

Bathroom cleaner or disinfectant spray: Choose scents that you like in order to maximize your enjoyment both during and after your cleaning time. Also make sure your selected product is safe to use with the materials in your bathroom.

Scrub brush for toilet: Keep one in every bathroom so you don’t have to drag one across your home. 

Mirror cleaning spray: Glass spray is a must-have for both mirrors and windows in the bathroom.

Trash bag: Bring a small trash bag with you so you can immediately dispose of dirty rags and wipes that are carrying germs. 



Make this step easy on yourself by keeping a cleaning caddy just for bathroom supplies. That way you don’t have to dig around and collect your supplies each time you want to clean the bathroom.


#2: Pre-clean surfaces

Before you dive into a deep clean of your bathroom, start by pre-cleaning surfaces. This makes the next steps much easier to complete. Simply go to each surface and remove things like dried toothpaste or a pool of soap. Your goal isn’t to disinfect at this time, but to make sure your cleaning solution can actually reach the surface when the time comes. Also remove any items sitting on top of your bathroom surfaces, like soap bottles and toothbrush holders. Place them outside the bathroom while you clean so they don’t get sprayed.


#3: Identify cleaning zones

Break down your bathroom into distinct cleaning zones. This makes the process feel more manageable, helps you avoid forgetting an area, and prevents cross-contamination.


Sink and counters

Tackle the sink and counters first. Fill the sink with some hot water and soap, and soak any accessories that get dirty, like a soap dish or toothbrush holder. Use a bathroom cleaner or homemade solution of vinegar and water to scrub the entire sink and counter surfaces. For stains or other grimy spots, sprinkle baking soda and pour some vinegar over it to break up the gunk. Remember to wipe down faucets and handles as well. Use an old toothbrush to scrub around the drain and other areas that accumulate mold. Make sure your cleaning products are compatible with your sink; for instance, a rough scouring pad could scratch a copper sink. 


Pro tip:

Use dental floss to clean around hard-to-reach places like behind the faucet.



Use a bowl cleaning product to reach under the rim of the toilet seat. Wait for the recommended amount of time on the product, then use a toilet brush to scrub all around the inside of the bowl. Just remember to replace your toilet brush every six months. It’s also good to clean it weekly by soaking in bleach or spraying with disinfectant to prolong its lifespan. Do the same for the brush holder as well. Next, use disinfectant wipes or cleaning spray and cloths or paper towels to clean the rest of the toilet. Remember to wipe down the flush handle as well. Any hard-to-reach spots, like the lid hinges, can be reached with an old toothbrush.  


Pro tip:

You know it’s time to replace your toilet brush when the bristles look bent and dirty. 



Keep your shower free of mold and mildew by wiping it down weekly with a bathroom cleaning spray. You can also use oxygenated powder on tile grout to keep it fresh and bright. Remember to scrub around the drain to remove mold build-up and remove hair from the drain so it doesn’t get clogged. Once a month or so, soak your showerhead in vinegar to remove mineral deposits caked around the nozzles.


Pro tip:

Wash your shower curtain at least once a quarter. Create a calendar appointment so you don’t forget.


Mirrors and windows

Tackle your mirrors, windows, and glass shower doors while waiting for your toilet cleaner to soak in for several minutes. For a quick and easy solution, grab some glass cleaning spray and a microfiber cloth or a few paper towels. For a truly professional look with no streaks, scrub the glass with a baking soda paste, then rinse with vinegar. Top it all off by using a glass squeegee to remove remaining moisture without leaving streaks behind. 


Pro tip:

When you’re done, look for streaks from multiple angles. Also check with the lights both on and off to make sure your mirror and other glass areas are completely clean.



Start off by sweeping the bathroom floor to get rid of dust and hair. A small nozzle on your vacuum cleaner hose is also helpful for small corners and behind the toilet. Once you’ve removed the major dirt and debris, it’s time to mop your floor. For a small space, you could even use a bucket and rag instead. Choose a floor cleaning solution that is safe for the type of material used in your bathroom, whether it’s tile, vinyl, laminate, or hardwood. Once you've scrubbed the entire space, use a towel to dry the floor in order to prevent slips, falls, and footprints.


Pro tip:

For larger spaces, clear out your mop water as it gets cloudy to make sure you’re not recycling dirt and grime across the floor.



Staying on top of your grout prevents mold and mildew stains that are hard to remove. Even if your grout is already looking less than perfect, there are plenty of ways to get it clean. Start by choosing a cleaner specific to grout and/or mold and mildew. Rub your product into all of the grout lines with a cloth so it can start to do its thing. Then use a grout brush or old toothbrush to scrub each line. Rinse with a clean cloth as you go along.


Pro tip:

Avoid using scouring pads and other harsh scrubbers on your grout. Over time, they can erode the lines, which leads to an entirely different project of re-grouting your bathroom.


#4: Tackle mildew

The moisture in a bathroom makes it a prime location for mildew growth. Stay on top of it by identifying your problem areas and regularly cleaning them. Even walls and ceilings can grow mildew, so pay attention to minor changes. It’s also helpful to install a ceiling vent to disperse moisture during baths and showers. Alternatively, squeegee your shower after using it to remove moisture quickly. Both bleach and vinegar work well in eliminating bathroom mildew. Vinegar is the milder of the two, while still being extremely effective. Once you spray mildewy areas, let it sit for at least 10 minutes before scrubbing.

Bottom line

Keeping a clean bathroom not only helps to keep you healthy, but also keeps you active and can even contribute to better mental health. Whether you’re in the middle of a chilly winter or a hot and humid summer, stay on top of these bathroom chores so you can enjoy a clean and relaxing environment year-round. 

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