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Interior design inspiration from the Olympics

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Mar 8, 2024

The Summer Olympics are headed to one of the most stylish cities in the world. While all eyes will be on Paris, previous host cities have also offered great interior design inspiration. From Rio design to Greek design pattern innovations, here are seven Olympic decor themes you can borrow from to spruce up your rental home.


Paris — Chic, open spaces


Years Hosted: 1900, 1924, 2024


The Paris 2024 Summer Olympics mantra is “Games Wide Open,” a wonderful theme to adopt for your home. Position furniture to create inviting, open spaces for your guests or incorporate mirrors for a more expansive feeling. A collection of board games or an arcade cabinet will keep the games going well beyond the Olympics.  


French decor as a whole also incorporates chic mixed with quirk. Look for furniture with curved backs or metal legs, and utilize pastels — such as light blue, purple, or silver — as your color scheme. If you don’t want to shell out for a fancy French chandelier, floor lamps or candlestick sconces will do the trick, too.  



Tokyo — Get tech-savvy


Years Hosted: 1940, 1964, 2020


The most recent Tokyo Olympics featured technology that improved athlete performance and enhanced the fan viewing experience. Cameras with computer vision implemented AI-powered 3D Athlete Tracking and highlighted heat maps with top speed, acceleration, and other insights. Fans got to submit cheers to their favorite athletes through a virtual fan wall. And a robot impressed audiences with its accurate basketball shooting.


AMH homes are building smart communities and leading the industry in cybersecurity. Bringing smart tech into your home adds productivity and comfort. Typical items include security cameras you can access from your phone and thermostats that adjust the temperature based on who’s in the house. Technology like bedtime calculators, wake-up lights, and meditation apps all lead to better sleep.


Rio de Janeiro — Take a natural route


Year Hosted: 2016

You might be familiar with the vibrant colors of Rio’s Carnival, dubbed “The Greatest Show on Earth.” Lush greens, eye-catching blues, and bright yellows and oranges are always welcome. Brazilians also strongly respect nature and handcrafted items. Woven baskets, chairs, and place mats are all great additions, and using wooden or clay mugs and bowls offers an affinity for craftsmanship. If you’re a fan of coconuts, try a DIY project with leftover shells.  


Brazil is ripe with expansive rainforests. While you might not be able to recreate that setting entirely, these popular indoor plants will inspire a little Rio design and evoke the feeling of the great outdoors.



London — Neutral tones, art gallery vibes


Years Hosted: 1908, 1948, 2012


London has hosted the Olympics during vastly different times in the world, but a consistent trend in London decor is the city’s fondness for neutral tones. Blues, greys, and whites always have a place. 


Pair those neutral tones with modern furniture for the regal look that London does so well. But then, it’s your time to get a little creative. Londoners love abstract art, from their Portrait Bench Series to the “My Children” portrait of kids playing in the street. Adorning your house with some quirky art will make you fit right in with the English capital, though your home will be less rainy.



Beijing — Unity and good fortune


Years Hosted: 2008, 2022 (Winter Olympics)


Even though Beijing is one of the most populated cities in the world, home interiors often exude a dignified, calming presence. Red is the luckiest color in Chinese culture, and it pairs very nicely with black and gold or wood surfaces. Bamboo furniture and Chinoiserie wallpaper are other easy ways to embrace Chinese style.


Both Olympics hosted by Beijing had similar vibes. The 2008 Summer Olympics went with the theme song “You and Me,” while the 2022 Winter Games adopted a mantra of “Together, For a Peaceful World.” Putting complementary pairs of items in your home — such as throw pillows, plants, or pieces of art — can highlight those themes. 


Athens — A nod to nature


Years Hosted: 1896, 2004


Athens hosted the very first Summer Olympics back in 1896. It got another chance this century, and the vibrant blue and white colors of Greek architecture were on full display. Classic Greek homes often featured rustic settings, with brick and stone used as standard building materials. You don’t need to go that far, though. A stone end table or brick wall art can get the job done. 


Beyond the blue and white colors in Greek design patterns, the country’s residents highly value olive trees. These plants are signs of peace and bring health, beauty, and wisdom. Greece distributed literal olive branches to Olympic competitors; take a page from their book and add an olive tree to your living room or nook space for some extra Olympic decor.



Sydney — Eclectic and coastal


Year Hosted: 2000


Sydney was home to the first Olympic Games of the 21st century. Much as the Olympics bring multiple countries together, Australian interior design features many unique styles, from minimalist to maximalist and just about everything in between. We’re highlighting both coastal and electric since Sydney is right along the water.


A coastal interior makes you feel like you’re always at the beach. This style uses blue and green color schemes, features open spaces, and incorporates wooden or other lighter furniture. That makes it an excellent choice for a patio theme! Mix in some eclectic or Bohemian ideas — such as different kinds of fabrics or treasures you find at the thrift shop — and you’ll have lovely Aussie decor across the whole house.



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