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The best interior design podcasts to follow

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Dec 12, 2023

As you’re living in your home, you might get the urge to tackle a new design project. Maybe it’s bringing a few plants into the house or building a bookcase. Perhaps you want to rearrange the furniture in a room or add some new color with throw pillows or blankets. Interior design podcasts are a wonderful way to learn tips and tricks to make your next decor move your greatest one yet. Whatever home decor inspiration you need, we’ve got you covered. Here are ten of the best interior design podcasts to listen to:




Hosted by Emmy Award-winning designer and fabricator Amy Devers, Clever is a meeting of some of the most brilliant minds in the design space. Amy chats big-picture ideas with her guests, but also looks at where they’ve come from and how they’ve earned their success, making this among the best home decor podcasts out there.


The show also featured a mini-series called Clever Confidential, which looks at the “darker side of design.” There are only three episodes in this offshoot, but the storytelling is strong and will have you at the edge of your seat.


Listen to it while you’re adjusting your lighting.



99% Invisible


When you walk through a city or visit someone’s home for the first time, what stands out to you? Do you like to give yourself a tour to study various areas in-depth, or do you prefer taking everything in all at once? 99% Invisible is a show that will change the way you appreciate design. If you’re not in a mood to listen, each episode also has a corresponding written article.


Perhaps Christopher Borrelli of Chicago Tribune sums it up best: “99% Invisible, episode after episode, is really about the difference between what you see and a designer sees, what you see and an architect sees, what you see and an engineer sees.”


Listen to it while you’re decorating your patio.


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Monocle on Design


The magazine Monocle was launched more than a decade and a half ago as a way to give readers a closer look at trends in business, culture, and design beyond their country borders. The podcast Monocle on Design continues that theme, featuring a global variety of guests who are experts in design, including furniture, fashion, and architecture.


Main episodes with long-form interviews release weekly, while shorter “Extra” episodes do a brief dive into a specific topic. The combo results in two quality pieces of audio to check out each week


Listen to it while you’re composting at home.



The Great Indoors Podcast


When a podcast has two hosts with a strong rapport, it’s easy to get lost in several episodes at a time. The Great Indoors delivers on that front. TV presenter and designer Sophie Robinson and author and journalist Kate Watson-Smyth offer engaging conversations on all sorts of interesting design topics. 


This home decor podcast is particularly helpful if you’ve got a project for a particular room. Most episodes dive into renovating a certain area or design inspiration for, say, a bedroom or bathroom.


Listen to it while you’re maximizing your nook space.



Dear Alice


Jessica Bennett and her husband Adam sold their dream home on Alice Lane to start Alice Lane Interior Designs, which offers home decor products like furniture, rugs, pillows, and kitchen items.


Alice Lane also offers design consulting services, and Dear Alice is an extension of that part of the business. Suzanne Hall joins Jessica to bring interior fashion ideas to life, and their irreverent charm is on full display in every episode.


Listen to it while you’re upleveling your bathroom.



Affordable Interior Design


Some people hear “home renovation project” and start fretting over the cost, but New York-based Betsy Helmuth offers home decor inspiration while staying within a modest budget. Her show is perhaps the best of the interior design podcasts for people looking to save money.


Betsy shares how to build a budget for a design project and lays the foundation for key elements like pattern mixing and color palettes. Her approach is easily accessible and can be helpful for areas outside of interior design, too. 


Listen to it while you’re doing your next DIY project.



Around the House with Eric G


Eric Goranson is a kitchen designer who has been designing for more than 30 years. He knows his way around a house — and after listening to his podcast, you will too.


This podcast has been at it so long that there’s an episode for nearly every topic, such as sprucing up a basement or maximizing your laundry room space. Other episodes are more ethereal, like how to make your house feel more like a home. Some also feature guests to add diverse perspectives on home decor inspiration, making it one of the top home improvement podcasts.


Listen to it while you’re cleaning your kitchen counters.



Modern Craftsman


Not every project is going to be a resounding success, and Modern Craftsman reminds us that’s totally okay. Guests share their best and worst moments as contractors, builders, and other professionals, and there are candid conversations around topics like work-life balance, finances, and mental health.


The podcast also offers its own brand of Number 2 pencils for you to take notes during your next task around the home.


Listen to it while you’re going through your home maintenance checklist.



The Money Pit Home Improvement Process


Spoiler alert for a movie that came out in 1986, but in The Money Pit, Tom Hanks and Shelley Long buy a New York home at a deep discount — and quickly learn why it was so cheap, as the house falls apart around them.


Thankfully, The Money Pit podcast isn’t a nightmare. Hosts Leslie Segrete and Tom Kraeutler drop two episodes a week on how to pour love into your home. The hosts call themselves a “home improvement therapist” and you’ll leave each episode feeling more confident about your next to-do, whether it’s in your garage, garden, living room, or kitchen.


Listen to it while you’re caring for your plants.



Design Curious


Rebecca Ward is a design mentor with more than 20 years of experience. She created Design Curious to offer an inside look into how to become an interior designer. 


Whether you have ambitious dreams about running your own firm or simply want some tips for what to do with a certain room in the house, Rebecca and her guests will guide you where you need to go. 


Listen to it while you’re organizing your closet.



Now that you’ve got the best interior design podcasts to follow, which one will you listen to first? We’ve included some recommendations of activities while you’re taking in various episodes. Each of them also make great environments for browsing our available homes


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