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7 top 2024 interior design trends

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Jan 22, 2024

Welcoming a new year is a grand opportunity to refresh your home. If you’re not sure where to start, looking at interior design trends is always a safe bet. We’ve compiled some of our favorite interior design trends for 2024, backed by both data and firsthand experience. Read on to find the perfect one for your next home project.


Sensory gardens


A Zillow deep dive into almost 300 home features and design styles indicates a return to nature. Mentions of sensory gardens or pathways have increased by 314%, highlighting that people want a magical outdoor experience any time of the year.


How can you build a sensory garden in your own home? Combine multiple elements that utilize each of your senses. For example, include a few different plants in various colors — here are some of our favorites — and pair them with other scents and textures, such as a soft, squishy pillow or a scented electric candle. Add a sound bar or portable speaker to play soothing music or calming tones. 


While the backyard or front lawn are ideal spots for a sensory garden, you can use a room or nook space to make it happen. Start small and grow your garden throughout the year, adding pieces here and there.  


Embrace earth tones


1stDibs is an online marketplace selling vintage, antique, and contemporary furniture and home decor. Each year, it puts out a survey to designers, asking for their opinions on trends and styles to watch out for.


In 2024, the results are clear: Earthy tones are making a comeback. More than a quarter (26%) of respondents believe sage green will be the most popular color of the year, with dark brown/chocolate (21%), burnt/dusty orange (19%), dark yellow/mustard (19%), and light brown/tan (17%) all among the top six colors.


These tones can pair nicely with a wall mural from above. Consider mixing a background that features sage green or burnt orange with a dark brown sofa, recliner, or set of throw pillows.


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The art of artisanal and homemade


Whether you’re a fan of homemade crafts or can’t tell the difference between a sander and a table saw, the beauty of handmade pieces isn’t going out of style anytime soon.


If life has taught us anything, it’s that things don’t always work out perfectly. That’s the idea behind artisanal pieces — they’re going to have a few imperfections, but that only adds to their charm. They’re also typically more environmentally friendly than mass-produced items, which is key for building a sustainable world.


When adding furniture or home decor pieces into your living room or bedroom, look for heirloom or antique items that showcase the work that was put into them. Alternatively, keep everything in the home and try one of our weekend DIY projects.


Give your kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms an upgrade


Per the 1stDibs report, more than half (56%) of designers expect kitchens to be the most requested room design of 2024. Living rooms (48%) and bathrooms (37%) aren’t too far behind.


You can upgrade each of these rooms without breaking the bank. In fact, simply adopting a new cleaning routine for your kitchen could make it feel brand new. Here’s a checklist of our favorite cleaning tips.


No matter the size of your bathroom, you can take these steps to turn it into a spa, creating a little oasis right in the middle of your home. And following living room trends doesn’t require a new sofa or entertainment system; creatively introducing light into the space offers a burst of energy.


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Throw some (lamp)shade


While windows are a fantastic way to brighten up a room, sometimes you have to turn to other light sources. There’s no shortage of lamps that can fit just about any space, and lampshades allow you to infuse your personality into the room.


Unique lampshade materials and designs are a trend heading into the new year. Large cones with a wide base are a classic choice, while linen or stained glass gives a unique flair. 


You can even bring a sense of travel into your home with a lampshade that features a scenic backdrop


Refreshed storage spaces for your hobbies


Even as the world becomes increasingly digital, people will always hold a fondness for physical objects. Maybe you have a home library of your favorite reads that you keep on a handmade bookshelf, or perhaps you unwind with some knitting or painting. 


There’s nothing wrong with adopting a hobby or two — they provide physical and mental benefits, from an increased mood to improved heart health. The key is making sure your hobbies aren’t bringing too much chaos into the home.


Rather than adding items to an already cluttered space, use this year as an opportunity to more effectively organize your closet. You’ll be amazed by how much it can reduce your stress levels!


These interior design trends can help you get a little more creative with your decor in 2024. Don’t let your resolutions fizzle out in January, though. Use our home maintenance checklist to keep everything running smoothly all year long. 


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